LAUROX LO ~ Professional 'Bleach-Safe' Foaming Additive with Lemon


Size: 5 Gallon
Scent: Original Lemon

Bleach stable foam generator that keeps the product wetter longer so the mildew will fade quicker and provide for a longer-lasting clean. Great Fragrance!



Product Name: LAUROX-Lo

Class: Chlorine Stable, Quick Rinsing Foam Generator


For contractors who need higher dwell times when using chlorine to clean roofs, residential siding and for contractors who prefer the same cleaning characteristics when cleaning commercial vehicles with high pH detergents. Great fragrance!

Laurox-Lo is a bleach-friendly formula and high pH stable chemical foaming agent that enables a higher chemical dwell time that will provide a more evenly and faster-cleaning experience.

Laurox-Lo is a unique blend of surfactants, solvents, detergent builders, water softeners and quick rinsing agents.

With the addition of Laurox Lo to chlorine or detergent, you get a quick rinsing, thick foam with dramatically enhanced cleaning characteristics.


Add to product in levels from 3% to 10% by weight.

Recommended mix: add 1 gallon of Laurox-LO to 55 gallons of product.

For higher and more stable foam simply add more Laurox-LO

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