Z'GREASER - Hi Solvent Truck Wash


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Product Name: Z-GREASER

Class: Heavy Duty Engine, Floor & 5th Wheel Degreaser 


Z’Greaser is a professional strength alkaline cleaning and degreasing solvent-based detergent. With its suspension abilities, Z’Greaser has also become a huge favorite for distributors who resell liquid detergents simply because one drum pack of Z’Greaser will generally out clean 4-6 drums of what they were purchasing. Z’Greaser is also a favorite of the contract cleaner who sends their trucks out on the road for extended periods of time will find that carrying 1 drum of the product rather than 4-6 drums is a lot more convenient and cost-effective. Not to mention that unique situation that always ‘creeps’ up where you really need the ‘hammer & chisel’ product to break down the pollutant.   

For engine degreasing simply apply with a pressure washer, spray bottle or pump up sprayer. Allow to dwell on the surface for approximately 1-2 minutes and rinse. 

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