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Application: Removing Moss, Mildew, Fungus and Associated Stains on Roofs and Killing the Root Bed

For most homeowners the beginning of spring brings with it a sense of growth and rebirth as the air turns warmer and the first flowers of the season begin to bloom.

Outside – the world takes on a renewed freshness as the ground sheds its winter coat. This is why spring has been an ideal time for doing a deep cleaning and more often than not it is the exterior of the house that is at the top of the list of projects. In the warmer climates the roof seems to always be the first priority.

If you’ve had experience with mold and mildew inside the home, you know the best mildew remover is chlorine bleach.  But outdoor, this is not the case.  Heavy duty cleaning usually calls for more heavy-duty mixtures and Prevail or a mixture of Prevail and chlorine bleach is the product of choice for many contractors throughout the country’s heaviest mold/mildew zones.

Most homeowners will call a contractor to perform the roof cleaning service. More often than not, when the contractor takes on the job – bleach is their cleaning product of choice. Unfortunately, bleach is nothing more than a quick, temporary fix to the problem and will only dissolve surface mildew which means that it will reappear in a few short months.

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