VIPER - Light Colored Truck Wash


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Product Name: VIPER

Class: Truck Wash with Optical Brighteners for white and light-colored trucks


VIPER is a professional strength alkaline cleaning agent that was originally developed for truck & bus washing where heavy exhaust carbons and grease need to be removed. This product contains a liquid “carbon release additive”. It can also be useful for a variety of other cleaning applications. Any time you are unsure of the suitability, do a test on a small inconspicuous area. This product can be used as a single step cleaner or step #2 in a two-step cleaning environment. 

A unique blend of ‘optical’ brighteners has been added to Viper which makes it a great choice for light-colored over the road vehicles as well as personal cars and trucks.

For the absolute very best results downstream inject using the Allison Super Suds Sucker (p/n 1964).

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